Things You Need to Know About GPS Jammers

Businesses taking service from fleets of vehicle have now started using technologies like GPS trackers. They take help from GPS trackers as a smart decision to keep an eye on their business operations and vehicles traveling across the globe.

GPS system has helped several companies make their delivery operations safer and on time. However, GPS jammers can be used to block GPS signals and related tracking. This also causes lots of issues for business that rely on tracking their drivers by using GPS trackers.

As we move forward in this article, you should keep in mind that GPS jammers are illegal in many areas. These jammers cause lots issues for these business owners.

Working of GPS Jammers

GPS trackers work by receiving and sending to and from GPS satellites orbiting around the earth. The strength of microwaves used by GPS tracking systems is low. On the other hand, GPS blockers use high power microwaves to overwhelm the GPS satellites. Due to their higher power, the range of GPS jammers is low. This is how GPS jammers keep you safe from being tracked by a GPS system.

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Are They Illegal?

GPS jammers are illegal in many countries. Regulatory authorities in these countries strictly ban the import, advertisement, and sale of these trackers. However, you can buy one for yourself if it is legal in your area. You can visit to buy one right now.Even in an area where GPS jammers are illegal, you can easily buy them online.

Risks Related to GPS Trackers

GPS jammers are usually used to vehicle drivers in fleets to prevent GPS tracking while they’re working. These jammers are also used for security purposes in protocols and presidential motorcade.

However, GPS jammers can grant hackers access to your vehicle. So, use the jammers only if they are legal in your area.