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With extraordinary expectation and a tad of uneasiness, a significant number of us anticipate the following variant of any product we use routinely, however particularly PowerPoint since we basically live in it at the everyday schedule Will the new elements be useful? Or on the other hand will they remove an order that has been a lifeline for the beyond couple of years? Uplifting news: PowerPoint 2013 is most certainly a development not an upheaval, with an emphasis on making it more straightforward to utilize. Past UI changes to line up with the Windows 8 look and feel, here are the Top 10 new highlights of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 to be amped up for:

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PowerPoint 2010 permitted you to add interactive media components from the web, yet you needed to manage code. A large portion of us lack the capacity to deal with that and Microsoft concurs – you can now add video, pictures and sound documents from the web without code or in any event, saving money on your hard drive or work area first. No requirement for a LiveMeeting any longer to share your show all things considered, you can send a connection to your PowerPoint or use Microsoft Lync with sound. Also, the best part is that your crowd can be on an iPad at the ocean side utilizing Lync or the Office Presentation Service, which is free

Making a current layout your own is simpler in light of the fact that you can change the variety plot in a single tick rather than physically changing each tone. At the point when you select a layout in PowerPoint 2013, the different variety plots that are 2022 google slides free templates by will spring up – simply pick the one you need Yet, you can definitely relax – you can in any case return and change the varieties physically as well on the off chance that that shade of cerulean simply is not correct. The Presenter View was not broadly utilized in that frame of mind of PowerPoint in light of the fact that it was not the default and a great many people did not realize it existed. In any case, a decent component has developed to perfect As well as seeing the ongoing slide and a thumbnail of the following slide, you will likewise have a clock, a notes segment, zoom and laser pointer devices, and that is the beginning. Also, this view is the default, worry does not as well – you will think that it is quickly enough